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Mastering Money
Money is necessary. And we can teach you how to make it.
Bisayo Busari
The telltale swords
Mastering Money
Money is necessary. And we can teach you how to make it.
You cannot master what you do not understand so as a member of the Wealthy Club, money cannot be your master, you need to learn how to send money on errands and attract more money who are willing to work for you.
1. See Money as a tool.
A wealthy club person is one who has mastered money and can put money in places where it can bring in more. When your money goes out without yielding more, that is the difference between making money and spending money. There are instances where your spending is an investment to bring money at a future date, be sure to engage with these concepts.

2. Know your money
A wealthy club member knows money. To know your money, you must make mental and written note of all the money you have, where they are coming from and where they go to. In other terms, they are called income and expenses. The two basic terms are important if you must master money. Then you can rightly apportion the money to the right places, investments, gifts, savings, emergency funds, and vacation spree. Of course, when you know your money, you can give yourself a treat.

3. Educate your goals
A wealthy club member must have goals and set financial goals alongside all your life goals. On the first page of the Wealthy Club book is written, your first investment to your wealth is the purchase of that book. You need knowledge to master money. Wealthy Club: Become Rich click here

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